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Special Events
1111 Carlisle Blvd SE, ABQ, NM 87106    
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Mastering Mindfulness
of Memories with
Holographic Memory Resolution

Learn simple techniques for working with one’s memories and traumas that can help relieve chronic pain, depression, fears, anxiety, PTSD and more. Recently published HMR clinical trial results showing statistically significant decreases in chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and PTSD will be discussed. 

Coming this summer!

Check back for date and time!

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Game Night
2nd Thursday
of every month

Make a plan to come and join the fun!

We'll start at 6 pm, but feel free to come when you can. Newcomers are always welcome. Don't be shy if you don't know any games! We're always happy to introduce someone to a new game.

If there is a game you'd like to play, please let us know!

You can bring potluck food and beverage, order food to have it delivered, or bring your own snacks.

And bring a donation to help keep the lights on.

Have Fun, Play Games, Make Friends!

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