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What do you need to heal?

“You need everything to heal. You need nutrition, time in nature and gardens, you need to be celebrated for who you are, be seen, and be in community with others." Charey K. Fox, TogetherSource Founder and Director

Our Story

Welcome! We are happy you found your way to the TogetherSource Community.  


Our story begins many years ago when Charey K. Fox, TogetherSource founder and director, envisioned opening a creative, healing center in Albuquerque; a place where people could come for respite in a changing world. A place for people to awaken and evolve. More than a place, she envisioned a community where anyone could find support and the opportunity to support others. 


In 2006 Charey and her partner opened a wellness center on the corner of Carlisle and Anderson Ave called The Source, where Michael Thomas Coffee had already established a presence. Over the years, she purchased adjacent properties and expanded the courtyard, gardens, and community space. In time, she added the community garden. The yoni-shaped koi pond was built in 2012 with the help of the good folks at Tortuga Gallery in Albuquerque along with local volunteers. 

In 2020 at the height of the pandemic, Source practitioners gathered every week in the garden where they shared their dreams, ideas, and eventually, a common vision. Out of these series of discussions, TogetherSource was born; a nonprofit business league of primarily holistic, health, and wellness practitioners who believe working in cooperation and giving back to the community will grow their businesses and improve lives. 


Today TogetherSource campus is almost an acre (and growing!) with over 25 practitioners. Our goal is to not only provide services but also opportunities for people to gather, grow, and feel a part of something bigger than themselves.


We are more than Source now. We are TogetherSource.


We hope you’ll join us for one of our many community events, workshops, classes, concerts, or fairs. Many are free, some suggest donations, and others are offered at an affordable cost. 


See you soon!

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